What Happened to 'New Warriors'?

Exactly one year ago today, Marvel Television and Freeform,both Disney-owned companies, released a [...]

Exactly one year ago today, Marvel Television and Freeform,both Disney-owned companies, released a joint statement revealing the previously announced New Warriors series would no longer be airing on Freeform. Nearly 18 months ago, Freeform had initially announced they ordered the Kevin Biegel-led show straight to series with an initial 10-episode order.

Weeks later, an entire cast was announced, led in part by This Is Us star Milana Vayntrub and Baby Daddy alum Derek Theler as Squirrel Girl and Mister Immortal, respectively. The show event went the length to begin production and film a pilot which, according to THR, tested very well. And this is where things start to get murky.

The THR report expressly states that the New Warriors pilot was very well-received. In fact, it tested "through the roof" and "caught the attention of high-level Disney executives." The Hollywood-based trade then goes on to explain how Marvel essentially asked for the show "back" so they could shop it around to other networks. And that's the last that we've heard anything about New Warriors.

Exactly one year ago, an exciting new property set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe seemingly entered purgatory, where it still exists today. But what are the next steps for the show to take?

At the time, there seemed like a slight possibility that New Warriors could be a play for the new Disney streaming service. That's a move that seems less and less likely, especially now that Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige is said to be producing several miniseries for the service.

That's just one service, though. There are plenty more opportunities out there, right? Not necessarily. In the same report cited before, THR reported that their sources had informed them that the House of Mouse is no longer allowing Marvel Television to sell shows to outside companies. That'd leave major MCU players like Netflix from the equation.

And unless the company has a change of a heart and lets the show land back at Freeform, the Disney-owned properties are getting pretty thin. Without Freeform in the mix, really the only two viable options would be ABC or Hulu, a streaming service of which Disney owns a healthy chunk.

Those options also seem less and less viable. That is, of course, until the impending Disney/Fox merger closes. If — or when — that deal closes, that will open up a whole plethora of options for the House of Mouse. Not only will Marvel TV more than likely have access to cable networks like Fox and FX, they'll also own an overwhelming majority of Hulu — a place wherein they'd be able to flirt with more adult themes.

With the show having tested so well, I don't think we have to worry about it being on the chopping block. Even Buckley himself said that Marvel was "extremely excited" about the property. At this point, all we can do is wait and see. There's even the distinct possibility that we might know where the show lands by this time next year.