Marvel Releases WHIH Report On Avengers Impact

WHIH Newsfront

In our 24-hour news cycle, the smallest abnormal occurrence can spawn countless hours of coverage.

So it stands to reason that multiple superhero related catastrophes would also warrant that kind of coverage, including WHIH's latest news special titled The World The Hero Leaves Behind.

The segment examines if groups like the Avengers should have some sort of government oversight, regardless of how noble their actions may be. Reporter Christine Everhart believes that someone needs to be responsible for all the collateral damage their heroics cause. Will Adams, on the other hand, believes that they can't be blamed for merely trying to help people, saving countless lives in the process.


As far as viral marketing goes, this is definitely one of the more well-produced campaigns. Hopefully, we'll see more in the lead-up to Captain America: Civil War, which releases on May 6th. Make sure to follow WHIH on Twitter for more news updates.