Marvel Writer Hints at Why Wolverine Has New Powers

Logan makes his comeback to the Marvel Universe in this week's Return of Wolverine #1. Logan has gone through some changes, including a gaining some new powers, and the series' writer has hinted at why that is.

Wolverine will return with adamantium claws that are not just razor sharp but also can heat up to extreme temperatures. Charles Soule tells that this new power may not be what fans expect.

"You're talking about the #hotclaws!" Soule said. "I have a lot of fun with that idea on social media, because I think many folks are thinking it'll work sort of like a Johnny Storm "flame on" idea—it's won't. The idea that Wolverine's claws can heat up in certain situations is tied to his history, and it's really more of a side effect than a power. It's not a good thing, generally speaking. I can't wait until folks see how it really works—it'll open some new doors for stories down the road, I think. Or not! The claws serve a specific purpose in this story, and that's why they're there. Wolverine's pretty effective regardless, #hotclaws or not! And man, they look cool on the page."

Soule also teased the new villain who debuted in Hunt for Wolverine: Dead Ends, Persephone, will be a big challenge for Logan.

"The story has a new villain named Persephone, who's very interesting, with a power set and goals I don't think we've seen before in the Marvel Universe, at least not used in this particular way," he says. "She's closely tied to Logan's story, and serves as a fascinating antagonist to him. I thought bringing in someone new with unknown abilities and goals would help make this story more about Wolverine; we don't know what Persephone can do, or why she's doing it, and so we're just as in the dark as Logan is at the beginning of the story.

"I'd like to think this isn't just business as usual for a Wolverine story. As I said, I want to make Logan's resurrection matter to him—and the readers—as much as his death did. I'm sure fans will have plenty to talk about as the story unfolds, and I can't wait to have those discussions!"

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Return of Wolverine #1 by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven goes on sale on Sept. 19th.