Marvel Reveals How Cyclops Was Resurrected

This week's Uncanny X-Men annual gave us a lot of answers we've been waiting for, including just [...]

This week's Uncanny X-Men annual gave us a lot of answers we've been waiting for, including just how Cyclops was resurrected from the dead.

Spoilers incoming for Uncanny X-Men Annual #1, so if you haven't read it yet you've been warned.

Things kick off in the issue with a shot of Scott Summers' grave, but an optic blast shattered the ground from within and out crawls Cyclops, unsure of how he's alive. As Cable reveals to him, the key to his resurrection lied in the hands of someone he helped when he was just a young X-Man.

The scene flips to a school that Cyclops was walking by when a giant robot started attacking it as well as the students. It is revealed this robot is controlled by a former professor (Tierney) who is trying to find the student that ratted him out and cost him his job. Cyclops takes the robot and the professor down, and then runs into the student (named Paul) that Tierney was after. He tells him if he ever needs anything he just needs to ask, as his wife is expecting and he wouldn't have a family without Cyclops.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

10 years later we see Paul in his home, grabbing something from the fridge. Cable shows up and tells him he's calling in that favor. Paul is a really bright individual, even working for Stark eventually. Cable then asks him to take a broken Phoenix Cage and turn it into a device that isn't trying to contain the Phoenix Force, but instead siphon it and hold a charge, and it needs to be extremely small. Cable tells Paul he has two years and then leaves.

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Two years later Cyclops falls to the mists, and Cable and Paul show up to his funeral in secret. The two then find his body and implant the device into Scott's chest and wait to see if it works. When Scott is brought back to life by the Phoenix Force in the Resurrection of Jean Grey to entice her to stay, Jean kisses Scott before letting him go, and during that embrace the device siphons off some of the Phoenix Force and keeps it, waiting for it to charge and activate.

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Then we flash back to Scott rising out of his grave, now back among the living, and we couldn't be happier the X-Men's fearless leader is alive once more.

You can check out the spoiler images above. Uncanny X-Men Annual #1 is in comic stores now.