Runaways Cast Break Down the End of Final Season

After three seasons on Hulu, Marvel's Runaways has come to an end. The teen superhero series, which first debuted back in November 2017, dropped its third and final season last month, wrapping up the stories of six Los Angeles teens whose lives are turned upside down when they discover that their parents are part of a potentially evil secret organization. Over the course of the three seasons, the teens have to come to terms with their own abilities while also attempting to save the world from various forces and now, the stars of the series are taking a look back at how things came together for their characters in the end.

For Nico Minoru, the journey ultimately saw her find a sort of peace with her relationship with her parents. Actress Lyrica Okano told that the things that Nico goes through in Season 3 helped her come to terms with the sacrifices her parents made, something that she hadn't truly understood before.

"This season is so real for Nico because she's kind of finally coming to terms with what her family and all the Runaways' parents had to go through in terms of sacrificing for the ones they love," Okano said. "Nico had to do a lot of that this season, and it really reconnects her to her parents in terms of what they had to go through to protect Nico and now for Nico to go through the same thing."

The family connection is something that was important for Virginia Gardner's Karolina Dean as well.

"Karolina in the pilot was just putting a fake smile on all the time and she's very innocent and pure," Gardner said. "When you find her years down the line , she's just like they lost their best friend. They've experienced death, they realized their parents are evil, they've battled in the Dark Dimension. So much has happened over the last few years for Runaways, it's great to just find her in like a stable place as like a mature woman who has a home and is going to school and is just trying to figure out what that next step in her life is going to be."

"Things were really tough for Karolina, but good news is that kind of towards the end of the season, we reconnect with the parents a bit and they start to become allies again. And Karolina's mom, Karolina and Leslie reconnect which is great," she continued. "Even though she's losing everyone alien around her, she's like, deepening that connection with her mother which is really important to her."

For Gert Yorkes, her journey was less about family and more about finding herself, as well as learning to navigate a relationship without losing yourself.

"Gert's at a point where she doesn't really trust a lot of people," Gert actress Ariela Barer explained. "She's kind of on her own. She's got like, Molly. She's just kind of about getting out of the situation on her own, not calling for help. That's kind of a recurring thing this season where she's discovering her own independence and not being tied to anybody. Figuring out herself in her progression through that, but then also maybe realizing that there's a middle ground and you can trust people and be with someone and not have your identity tied to them."

This is particularly true for her relationship with Chase Stein (Gregg Sulkin).

"There's just kind of this bigger thing happening that she has to surrender to for a second that maybe this guy and her are like linked in a bigger way. Maybe soulmates are real, and they are kind of really just meant to be in a big kind of almost higher power kind of way. They are just meant to work in whatever timeline it happens."


All three seasons of Marvel's Runaways are now streaming on Hulu.