Marvel Writer Reveals Spider-Man Variants That Didn't Make It Into Latest Spider-Verse Event

Marvel writer Dan Slott is revealng some of the unused Spider-Man variants he pitched for the most recent Spider-Man multiverse event, "End of the Spider-Verse". In a Twitter post, Slott shared some of the names of alternate versions of Spider-Man he wanted to put in the storyline, including one photo image of the New York Mets mascot, Mr. Met, who was apparently the inspiration for a Spider-Verse character that Slott has the biggest regrets about not using: 

Just SOME of the Spider-Verse characters I asked for this time around... that I didn't get:
A Spider-Mickey and/or Donald
A Jedi-Spider
And (I REALLY wanted this one) a Spider-Man from a world where Mr. Met was real AND a Spider-Man.
A Mr. Spider-Met, if you will.

"End of the Spider-Verse" was a culminating storyline launched last fall, which continued a saga from previous event story arcs "Spider-Verse" (2014), "Spider-Geddon" (2018) and "Edge of the Spider-Verse" (2022). According to the synopsis: 

"The End of Spider-Verse" sees the ancient and powerful Shathra, who controls spider-warps, looking to replace the Web of Life with her own equivalent, the Great Nest. In the pages of EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE (2022), she has succeeded at turning several key heroes to her side. To stand against the villain, Julia Carpenter's Madame Web has begun recruiting Spider-Heroes to her side, including Anya Corazon's Araña and Zarina Zahari's Spider-UK.

Like all the "Spider-Verse" stories (in comics and movies) the premise allows for a wild, zany, and often fun concepts of different versions of Spider-Man (or Spider-Girls) that exist out there in the mutliverse. While some have become fan-favorite mainstays (Anya Corazon, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Punk), there are many other throwaway characters used as Easter eggs and sight gags that fans love spot and call out. "Mr. Spider-Met" would've definitely been in that LATTER camp. 


"THE END OF THE SPIDER-VERSE will see Peter, Miles, and your favorite characters from previous Spider-Verse stories, along with all-new characters from the upcoming EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE mini, slam them all together, and bring the entire SPIDER-VERSE saga to a fiery close!" Slott's creative partner on SPider-Man – longtime artist Mark Bagley – said at the start of the event. "It's going to have lots of action, and surprises, but, most of all, it's going to have a lot of heart! Even though this story will be epic, it will also have a profound effect on Peter Parker. You are not going to want to miss this!"

"Dan and I have been wanting to work together for years, and having the opportunity to be the artist that is there to wrap up his Spider-verse storyline is really exciting," Bagley added. "Further, I'm thrilled to see where this book takes us from there."

"End of the Spider-Verse" is available at Marvel Comics.