Marvel to Reboot Spider-Man's Clone Saga With Miles Morales

Marvel is about to give Miles Morales his own Clone Saga. The June solicits for Miles Morales: [...]

Marvel is about to give Miles Morales his own Clone Saga. The June solicits for Miles Morales: Spider-Man shows the young hero running for his life. A red-eyed menacing version of himself is in hot pursuit while Miles' face really says it all. Battling someone who looks and sounds exactly like you could be a bit of a task. Hopefully, Spider-Man has had enough tangles with spider-adjacent foes that this doesn't prove deadly. It seems like this murky version of himself is even stranger than they would appear.

The idea of a clone being made or born harkens back to the original Clone Saga which is still managing to tie the reader's brains in knots until this day. Unfortunately for Miles, it looks like he will be going it alone, which Peter Parker didn't have to do. Ben Reilly was the heroic Scarlet Spider, who actually ended up being the actual Spider-Man for a short time. (Weird moment of crossover shenanigans ensue when you remember that the Spider-Man that calms Miles down near the beginning of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse looks a lot like Ben with his hair dyed blonde.)

Spider-Man's Clone Saga is such a popular tale that Tom Holland previously said that he'd like to adapt the storyline. The star told Cinemablend, "There are so many things we have not seen in Spider-Man yet ... I want to use bad guys never seen in movies. The first films were so traditional, and so scrupulously followed the character's classic plot ... So there's a lot of stuff left in stock. The Clone Saga, for example."

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

"It would be so cool... I could play seven characters. That means seven checks! And I like the idea of having characters in front of Spider-Man who have the same powers as him. ... It would make sense, because cloning is more or less coming true. It would make sense to talk about that. Like a villain who would say, 'This kid has super powers, I want twenty like him who fight for me. I'll take one of his hairs and try to clone him.' And obviously, it would go wrong!"

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #19
• Saladin Ahmed (W)
• Carmen Carnero (A)
• Cover by Javier Garron
• Living Vampire Variant Cover by Dave Johnson
• Even if Miles lives...He dies!
• No one knows the full consequences when worlds collide: Are there aftershocks, echoes, doubles?
• Miles is already battling a man who shares his name. What does it mean when he finds someone with his face in his family living room?
• Was this clone made or born? And which Miles will survive this saga?
• 32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

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