Marvel Teases Captain Marvel vs Rogue Showdown

Captain Marvel might be in another universe, but she can't escape her past, especially when that [...]

Captain Marvel might be in another universe, but she can't escape her past, especially when that past is in the form of the X-Man Rogue.

Marvel's new April solicitations included a look at Captain Marvel #4, the recently relaunched series from Kelly Thompson and Carmen Carnero. The new description and cover are teasing a throwdown with Rogue, and Carol Danvers fans know how charged that encounter could be.

The new description reads "THE KNOCK-DOWN, DRAG-OUT FIGHT YOU CAN'T MISS!", so it's safe to assume they will be at odds, at least at first. From the description, it appears Nuclear Man, who Carol followed into another universe in the first issue, has managed to get Rogue on his side. That's going to throw Danvers for a bit of a loop thanks to all the baggage the two have, and while they have been allies since all that power stuff went down, there's no way that Carol is going to let it happen again.

So, what does that means for Rogue? Well, guess we'll have to wait and see. You can check out the official description and cover below.

"From the Marvel April Previews! Rogue and #CaptainMarvel... there and back again!"

(Photo: Marvel)

Cover by AMANDA CONNER & Paul Mounts
Nuclear Man reveals his secret weapon: The X-Man ROGUE! It's been years since Rogue stole Carol's powers and memories in a fight that changed Carol forever. Though Carol and Rogue have become somewhat uneasy allies in the years since, a wound like that never fully heals. And now, isolated from her allies and facing her worst nightmare, how far will Carol go to stop history from repeating itself?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99"

For those who don't remember, Carol's apprehensiveness towards Rogue is well founded. While it initially happened due to a misunderstanding, Rogue battled Carol (at the time going by Ms. Marvel) and used her abilities to absorb Carol's power. She did much more than that though and realized she had also obtained Carol's mind and memories in the process. After trying to kill her to silence the voice in her mind Carol had her memories partially recovered by Professor X, but she was left powerless and without any emotional attachment to those memories as a result. She would eventually get her powers back, but that event led to bad blood between the characters for quite some time, and it's understandable.

Captain Marvel #4 hits stores this April.