Marvel Introduces A New Power For Thor's Mjolnir

Just when SHIELD thought they finally had Thor figured out, the heroine received help from a rather unlikely ally, but one that has been there the entire time.

Spoilers ahead for The Mighty Thor #11, so if you haven't read it you should go do that.

Thor finds herself in the middle of a throwdown with an agitated Dario Agger, Silver Samurai, and Exterminatrix, a fight which has not gone to plan. Thanks to a specially crafted Midas bullet, Thor has a bullet literally crawling under her skin, and only Jane Foster has the tools necessary to get it out.

As Thor is Jane Foster, that poses a significant problem, at least until Jane Foster shows up to help her out. As she's talking to Thor, you get the distinct impression that it's someone posing as Foster, but then she says things like "You're a doctor. You know how to save you. Think it and I'll know too.", so she's obviously linked to Thor in some way.

Thor Jane Foster 1
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

After successfully getting the bullet out and helping Thor to stop Roxxon's flying headquarters from crashing into the city below, Thor has a few questions for her unknown savior, and it leads to the revelation that she is actually a physical manifestation of Mjolnir's energy. Before she completely dissipates, Foster tells Thor 'Your heart is stronger than even your Thunder my lady. That's what makes you worthy. That's why I chose you."

Thor Jane Foster 2
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

While she also mentioned that it can't be done very often, it was not previously known that Mjolnir could do that at all. This also could mean that the hammer isn't just an object imbued with power as previously believed, but rather contains a consciousness all its own.

The Mighty Thor #11 is in stores now.