Marvel TV Auction Could Hint at the Future of Former Netflix Characters

The Marvel TV Auction is back, once again giving fans an opportunity to own props and costumes from the Marvel/Netflix series. This time out, it's The Punisher and The Defenders, and fans are wondering if, as the two-year window that was said to exist before Marvel can exploit the Netflix series is nearing its end, parting ways with some of the final remaining props means that the company is ready to move on and develop new, unrelated plans for the characters elsewhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Punisher, one of the most acclaimed series from the run and the last to get a greenlight, being put to pasture feels to some like a "statement."

Same for Marvel's The Defenders, which was the Avengers of the Netflx shows, designed to be the network's blockbuster and bringing together characters from all the other series. The auction includes not just costumes but also more mundane props like signs and office equipment, too (or at least it will if it's like the other Marvel TV auctions; so far the full listings aren't up yet.

You can sign up here to get notified when it's going fully live, and to be entered into a drawing to win some of the props, or you can check Marvel's social media announcement out below.

When Netflix declined to pick up the Marvel series for additional seasons, the streaming giant apparently had a contractual clause that barred Marvel from taking the characters elsewhere for two years. There is some disagreement when the two years are up exactly, but there is a sense that for at least some of the shows it will come at the end of 2020. Other shows' window could stretch into 2021 or 2022, depending on when they were cancelled and what Netflix's schedules were like for the shows.

The auction is scheduled to launch in June. Here's how the Prop Store describes it:


"PROP STORE presents an exclusive auction of over 500 original props, costumes, and more from MARVEL'S THE PUNISHER, MARVEL'S THE DEFENDERS, and highlights from MARVEL'S DAREDEVIL, MARVEL'S JESSICA JONES, MARVEL'S LUKE CAGE, and MARVEL'S IRON FIST. Register today to be entered for a chance to win an original NEW YORK BULLETIN NEWSPAPER or FRANK CASTLE COSTUME."