Marvel: Why Phoenix Just Revealed She's Thor's Mother

Full spoilers for Marvel's Avengers comic series below! As the previous issue of Jason Aaron's Avengers revealed, the Phoenix and Thor have a history that goes back, all the way back. The flaming, bird entity from space revealed to the god of thunder that while Odin was his father, she was his mother. No further context came in that issue but this week's Avengers #43 revealed more about the conversation between the Odinson, ahem, the Phoenix-Son as she calls him, and his newly revealed mother. In fact, the entity revealed to Thor that one of the reasons she even returned to Earth was to reunite with him.

"It's not just the blood of the gods that flows through your veins. It's mine as well," The Phoenix tells Thor. When he tells her that Gaea was his mother, she replies: "Gaea was the lie. A necessary one. A reason for you to do what I knew your father never would. Protect the Earth. But believe me when I say you would not exist if not for the Phoenix. You are a child of Fire and Thunder. My child. I've come home to you at last, my son." Thor can't believe what he hears though and wrestles with it inside his mind.

Just before Jane Foster swoops in to save him, fresh off a loss in the actual Phoenix-host tournament, the entity says one more thing to Thor, telling him:

"She's kept me buried inside her for thousands of years. But when the Final Host came to pulled me out of the depths. The Phoenix remembers you now. Remembers her love for you. Whether she likes it or not. The Phoenix is wrestling with a mother's fears. She hopes a new avatar will burn the pain away. Because of you, Thor. The Phoenix is here for you. Come to us. And feel the fire of your mother's love."

It's frankly unclear from this exchange if this entire thing is all a put-on or gimmick by the Phoenix to try and trick Thor into doing something, especially considering how she's also trying to pull Black Panther's strings by telling him that he is her choice to be the host.


Future issues of Avengers that have been solicited offer no hints about who will win the tournament and what will happen next, as the next few will be King in Black tie-ins. That in mind you can find the solicit and cover of the Avengers #44 below!

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Avengers #44
(W) Jason Aaron (A) Javi Garron (CA) Leinil Francis Yu
In Shops: Apr 07, 2021
It all comes down to this. The final battle to decide who will wield the awesome cosmic power of the Phoenix Force. You don't want to miss... the debut of the all-new Phoenix!