Marvel's Eternals: First Look at Gemma Chan as Sersi Revealed

Marvel's Eternals is probably the biggest mystery in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 4 [...]

Marvel's Eternals is probably the biggest mystery in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 4 lineup - mostly because it's the one Marvel Comics property that most fans are probably the least familiar with. However, Marvel fans all over the world are about to learn a lot more about the Eternals - and the character of Sersi is one of the most pivotal in that lineup. Now some new set photos from Eternals are out, and they feature a first look at the movie's MCU version of Sersi, who will be played by Captain Marvel's Gemma Chan. Needless to say, Marvel fans probably weren't expecting the first photos of Sersi to look like this!

You can check out the set photos for Marvel's Eternals first look at Sersei HERE. Get the full breakdown of the images, below:

As Daily Mail UK describes:

"Pictures showed the star among pedestrians, clutching a reusable coffee cup and looking winter ready in a green anorak and sweater/shirt combo with a beanie hat. The British actress also donned a pair of straight-cut smart trousers and gel soled brogues. Her beautiful chestnut locks flowed from a middle parting elegantly onto her shoulders from under her hat."

The photos depict a version of Sersi who is presumably living in present-day London. Sersi looks very bohemian chic in the outfit we see her in, which is fitting with the new-age vibe of modern urban hipsters, but somewhat surprising for an onscreen version of Sersi. In the comics, Sersi is a very confident and relatively edgy and arrogant person, who is also a bit of a seductress. At the same time, she's also been a fashionista and highly-skilled dancer over the centuries; if you were to take a snapshot of what urban, bohemian, artistic types / fashionistas look like today, Sersi's look definitely fits in line with that.

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