Marvel's Hit Monkey First Look and Release Date Revealed for Hulu Series

Despite a near drought of information about the property since it was originally announced, essentially only a confirmation it was still in the works was the most recent update, we now have not only a first look at Hulu's animated Hit Monkey show but also a premiere date! This deluge of information comes by way of Entertainment Weekly who report that the series will debut on Hulu exactly two months from now, premiering on Wednesday, November 17. Cre­ated by Josh Gordon and Will Speck, the former described the title character as  "He's a character who is violent and temper­amental but also deeply wounded and innocent," to EW.

The outlet describes Hit Monkey as a "darkly comedic se­ries" which "follows a Japanese snow macaque whose clan meets a stranded hitman, Bryce (Jason Sudeikis), and nurses him back to health. But when Bryce bites the dust, it's up to the titular simian (guided by Bryce's ghost) to follow in his assassin footsteps and seek vengeance." You can find the first look at the series, featuring the titular Monkey and Sudeikis' Bryce bellow!

(Photo: Marvel/Hulu)

Hit Monkey, along with the MODOK series, was originally announced with a slate of original animated programming for Hulu, including Tigra & Dazzler and a Howard the Duck show, all of which would have combined together for "The Offenders." At a certain point some big changes occurred and only MODOK and Hit Monkey survived. MODOK creator and showrunner Jordan Blum previously revealed to that he had seen some of the show, and it "looks amazing."

"You know, I'm excited people will be able to see Hit-Monkey," Blum said back in May. "I've seen a little bit of it, and it looks amazing."

"I was consulting on the other shows 'cause I was possibly gonna do The Offenders if it ever came to be," Blum added. "It was really cool. Everyone got to do their own thing. We didn't change a single thing in our show. But no, you know I think you want togive showrunners a little bit of freedom to kind of establish their characters and the voice of the shows and not worry too much about how it all fits together. That was going to be my burden."

Marvel's Hit-Monkey premieres on Wednesday, November 17 only on Hulu. What are you hoping to see in the series when it premieres? Let us know in the comments below!