Marvel's Stark Industries Adidas ZX 2K Boost Sneakers Are On Sale Now


Adidas has been all about collaborations lately, but we have to imagine that Stark Industries-designed sneakers will be something special. In fact, three ZX Boost series colorways are part of the surprise drop - but don't expect them to give you the ability to fly. If they did you probably wouldn't be able to order them here at for only $150.

As noted, the Marvel x adidas Stark Industries ZX Boost series sneakers come in three different designs with touches like an outsole that glows in the dark and a tongue that's shaped like Iron Man's mask. You can order the three designs individually via the links below:

Odds are these adidas Marvel sneakers will sell out in the most popular sizes. If that happens you'll be able to find them here on eBay.


From adidas: "The ZX Series has always been about technical innovation. Just like Stark Industries from Marvel's Iron Man series. These adidas shoes combine real-life retro running tech with details inspired by Tony Stark's fictional company. The outsole glows in the dark, and the tongue is designed in the shape of Iron Man's mask."

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