Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors - The Vulture Preview Clip

Marvel has released preview of this Tuesday's episode of Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors.

The episode sees Spider-Man running up against the half-man, half-bird supervillain known as The Vuture.


Check out the preview below:

BIG HEROES! BIG VILLAINS! AND BIGGER ADVENTURES this week, Share Your Universe with a brand new episode of Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors this Tuesday at 9pm/8c inside the Marvel Universe on Disney XD.   

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors  - "The Vulture"

Spider-Man tries to track down a mysterious thief known as The Vulture, a young man who can't remember his past. Spidey must help the Vulture track down his past…before the Vulture takes matters into his own hands!