Sideshow Unveils Epic Marvel Figures at New York Con Event

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Sideshow brought the spirit of New York Comic Con to the west coast, hosting their "New York Con," event from the headquarters located in California. Sideshow, the distributor for many highly-detailed collectibles and manufacturer of many of their own, had two different booths set up for collectors and fans to visit virtually. Both booths had Marvel collectibles on display, including Sideshow's Premium Format figures, Hot Toys sixth scale figures, and more. Some of these collectibles were being revealed for the first time and some were re-issues of popular collectibles which had previously sold out.

Hot Toys has been rolling out new figures based on characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including characters from the Infinity Saga and new characters or costumes from the Multiverse Saga which launched in 2021. One section of the booth showcased several of the figures which are available now, including the battle-damaged Iron Man Mk LXXXV, Zombie Hunter Spider-Man from What If...?, Captain America as he appeared in The Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes from his look in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Cable from Deadpool 2, and more. 

The massive display of Hot Toys figures based on live-action Marvel characters ([plus, a couple of Spider-Man figures from different mediums) is photographed below!

(Photo: Sideshow)

Black Widow, the first film in the Multiverse Saga, is primed for a couple of nice looking Hot Toys figures to release. Natasha Romanoff is coming complete with new weapon accessories and her Black Widow movie suit. Taskmaster, the foe turned possible friend by the end of the film, is also available in sixth scale form.

The Black Widow figure currently has a waitlist open, listed at $260. Taskmaster is listed as being available now, priced at $250.

(Photo: Sideshow)

Sideshow rolled out a number of impressive Premium Format Figure collectibles. The high-end collectibles often capture iconic characters in what is close to a quarter-scale design. 

Carnage, priced at $630, was among the Premium Format Figure collectibles on display. Of course, beside Carnage at the New York Con is none other than Venom. Venom runs $650. Both are currently shipping from Sideshow.

(Photo: Sideshow)

Iron Man has many iterations of collectibles within Sideshow, all in various scales and formats. During the New York Con, Iron Man had a couple of epic designs on display in addition to the Hot Toys figures seen in the photo of Hot Toys figures above. Sideshow rolled out a couple of maquettes.

Iron Man Mk III, the suit from 2008's Iron Man, was the subject of one $695 Maquette by Sideshow. Beside it, the Iron Man Mk III Maquette by Sideshow from Avengers: Age of Ultron. The suit from the Ultron movie prices at $680.

(Photo: Sideshow)

Premium Collectibles Studios, also known as PCS, has some impressive dioramas on display. The figures stand tall, offering iconic characters with a bit of artistic scenery attached to set the scene.

The Captain America diorama stands 15-inches tall, emerging from the robot corpses of Ultron bots. It is priced at $505 and expected to start shipping in early 2023, inspired by Captain America's appearance in the Future Revolution game. The Captain Marvel statue stands more than 19-inches tall, showing off all of Carol's powers as the character soars from the base. It is priced at $555 and expected to begin shipping in May of 2023 at the earliest. The Advanced Suit Spider-Man diorama stands 14-inches tall with Spidey seen perched mid-swing on the top of a fallen street sign. It is priced at $450 and will ship next year.

(Photo: Sideshow)

The cherry on top of the PCS display is the Ghost Rider diorama. The $880 collectible might start shipping as early as November, based on the fiery character's appearance in the hit mobile game Marvel Contest of Champions. The Ghost Rider diorama measures 11.25-inches tall and 23.5-inches wide, seeing Johnny Blaze drift his Hell Cycle across the road, blazing a fiery trail as he goes.

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