Hulu Exec Updates Fans on Marvel's MODOK Animated Series

Marvel Television may look a lot different now than it did just a year and a half ago, but that doesn't mean Marvel TV shows are going anywhere any time soon. Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios are producing live-action TV projects for Disney+, which will take place within the continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Most of the previous Marvel TV shows were cancelled in recent months, but the company still clearly feels good about some of the titles it has in development at Hulu. The live-action Helstrom series is still moving forward, as are all of the animated series that were previously announced for the streaming platform, the most-anticipated being Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum's MODOK.

The MODOK series will be an adult animated comedy following the titular villain, who has an enormous head and incredibly small body. The comedic and satirical approach is perfect for Oswalt's brand of comedy, and the actor will be voicing MODOK in addition to his duties writing and producing the series. During Hulu's presentation at TCA on Friday, SVP of original content Craig Erwich offered an update on MODOK's progress, praising the work done by Oswalt and Blum.

"I have seen quite a few episodes of MODOK, which I'm really excited about," said Erwich. "Patton Oswalt is a lifelong Marvel fan and was obsessed with the character of MODOK. So, for him to finally get his hands on that character and for he and Jordan Blum to do what they always wanted to do with it, which is a whole new take and a very funny one, on what it means to be a comic book villain is really special. I'm excited to see that."

There hasn't been an official release date set for MODOK just yet, and the same goes for the other Marvel animated shows coming to the streaming service. Howard the Duck and Hit-Monkey are the next two in line after MODOK, while the fourth series of the franchise, Tigra and Dazzler, was put on hold after the showrunner and writing staff were dismissed back in December. The plan has long been to air all four of these shows and then have all of the characters appear together in a team-up series called The Offenders.

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Additional reporting by Scott Huver.