Moon Knight Fan Breaks Down All the Easter Eggs in Episode 4's Mind-Bending Asylum Scene

Moon Knight is packed to the brim with Easter eggs and nods to long-time fans of the character. There are secret phrases spelled out on the costumes of Moonie himself and characters like Khonshu and Taweret. As it turns out, the closing moments of Episode Four also happened to include dozens of in-show references within the span of seconds.

A TikTok has started to go viral for comparing the comparisons in the end scene with points throughout the series. It starts off with the reemergence of Crawley as one of the asylum's patients. Then there's the fact another one of the patients can be seen playing with a Rubik's cube. Throughout the sequence, dozens of references are made — right down to cupcakes being distributed, a nod to the first episode when Spector (Oscar Isaac) was driving a truck full of the sweets. See the video below.


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In terms of other goodies hidden throughout the season, Moon Knight costume designer Meghan Kasperlik told a special phrase appeared in two places on the vigilante's main costume.

"'Rise and live again as my fist of vengeance. My Moon Knight,' That is in the hieroglyph in the trouser," she told us. "On Mr. Knight, the Easter egg in that is that the buttons on the waistcoat are custom buttons that are Khonshu's symbol. I had a metalsmith in-house that was making all of those."

She added, "Definitely there are other Easter eggs throughout the series that you will definitely be seeing. If you haven't seen them, go back and watch because they are there."

On top of that, Kasperlik and her team ended up crafting a whopping 47 Mr. Knight suits, each one with metal buttons specially-crafted to resemble Khonshu's emblem.

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