Marvel's Kevin Feige Reveals How He Convinced Oscar Isaac to Sign on for Moon Knight

After taking on franchises like Star Wars and Fox's X-Men, Oscar Isaac is now making his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The beloved actor is set to star as the titular character in Moon Knight, a Disney+ series that debuts on March 30th. Kevin Feige and the folks at Marvel Studios have apparently been fans of Isaac's for some time, and have wanted to find the right role for him to play in the ever-expanding MCU. Elusive for quite some time, that role finally revealed itself in the form of Moon Knight, a character that Isaac has long been fascinated by.

Speaking to Empire for a new issue of the magazine, Feige explained that getting Isaac into the MCU was all about collaboration. Once the idea for Moon Knight came up, both sides were interested in exploring the partnership.

"We've always loved Moon Knight... he always fascinated us as something we hadn't seen before, [so] when the Disney+ idea came up, it quickly became one of the first things we wanted to do, because we loved the story," Feige said.

"We'd always liked [Isaac]... and he clearly likes this world – Star Wars, X-Men – but we hadn't found the right thing, necessarily," he continued. "We started talking [about Moon Knight], and he had a couple of outside-the-box ideas that we were like, 'Maybe this could work..: And spoiler alert: they do."

As for Isaac, he wanted the opportunity to actually have a creative say in his character and the story he inhabits. If Marvel simply wanted someone to come in and simply act the part, it doesn't sound like something he would've been as interested in. Fortunately, Marvel wanted Isaac to collaborate on Moon Knight.

"In a way it was a test," Isaac said. "Do they want me to bring my creativity to this, or do they want a company man who will do whatever they say?"

Isaac was able to have a say in big decisions for Moon Knight. In fact, it was Isaac's idea to do different accents for the different personalities of the character, a decision that stuck and made it through production.

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