Moon Knight Trailer Sets YouTube Records for Marvel

Fans were apparently eager for the release of the first full Moon Knight trailer, with the video setting new YouTube records for a Marvel streaming show. The trailer made its world premiere Monday night during the NFL Wildcard Game between the Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams on ESPN. Five Marvel shows have already debuted on Disney+, with Moon Knight slated to be the sixth and first to premiere in 2022. Moon Knight's trailer made a lasting impact, generating the most likes on YouTube and even the most social media engagements.

According to The Direct, the first Moon Knight trailer has over 1 million likes on the Marvel YouTube channel, beating the first trailers for Hawkeye (915k) and WandaVision (760k), Loki's second (723k) and first (695k) trailers, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's second trailer (652k). The Falcon and Winter Soldier trailer had the advantage of airing during the Super Bowl, so just like Moon Knight it was aided by a rabid football audience.

THR's Heat Vision newsletter also delivers more stats involving the latest Disney+ trailer. Sources told the site that Moon Knight garnered over 75 million views in its first 24 hours. 52 million of the views came online while 23 million were from the ESPN broadcast. If we can call back to Falcon and Winter Soldier for a moment, its Super Bowl trailer had 125 million views. However, Moon Knight's trailer did beat Loki (60 million) and WandaVision (52 million), along with the first Hawkeye trailer (41.5 million).

The social engagement for Moon Knight created 263,000 mentions, topping WandaVision (241,000) and Winter Soldier (218,000). It also was better than the Star Wars Disney+ series The Mandalorian (221,000).

Some eagle-eyed fans believe they caught a Fantastic Four Easter egg in the Moon Knight trailer. One moment in the trailer saw Oscar Isaac's Steven Grant driving a truck, with the logo on a cardboard box behind the driver's seat reading, "von D—" in a possible nod to Victor Von Doom, aka Doctor Doom. Of course, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has already confirmed the Fantastic Four are on their way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man director Jon Watts will helm the project, and a logo has already been revealed. So it's possible Moon Knight will have a connection to Marvel's First Family, but right now it remains to be seen.

Moon Knight arrives on Disney+ March 30. Let us know what you thought about its first trailer in the comments!