More Breaking News from the DC Comics HeroesCon Panel!


Just on the heels of major announcements from Marvel Comics, DC Comics held their first major panel of HeroesCon 2009 at 2PM. Led by Ian Sattler, DC Senior Story Editor, talent such as Dustin Nguyen and Jamal Igle sat down to discuss goings on in the DC Universe for the next few months. The discussion quickly kicked off with talk of the major changes to the Batman universe. The new ongoing series Batman:Streets of Gotham will focus on the changes in not only personnel of the Bat Family, but also the city of Gotham itself, just now recovering from the violent events of Battle for the Cowl. Sattler said that SOG, with a Manhunter feature, will have much more of a focus on the day-to-day effects of living in this new Gotham City with a new Batman and Robin. For Barbara Gordon (Oracle) and Huntress, the future will be bright, as both are expected to be appearing in major books in the near future. Cassie Cain and Stephanie Brown (Spoiler) will be getting action as well when Batgirl #1 debuts in August! Sattler hinted though that both of those characters may not be standing when the series ends! Jamal Igle spoke about his work on Supergirl. With upcoming events such as Codename: Patriot, which will cross all the major Superman titles, and with Supergirl dealing more and more with New Krypton, expect this title, which has finally found its footing, to gain more and more readership. Igle and Sattler were not willing to give up any details on the events of Codename: Patriot, but listeners were told to be sure to pick up Superman:World of New Krypton #5 which will set the stage for the events of Codename: Patriot! Bill WIllingham has been announced as an upcoming writer for Justice Society of America, and expect the return of Dr. Fate to play into this as well (in my humble opinion!). In response to a fan question about recent events in JSA with Captain Marvel, Sattler had "no comment" when pressed about the possibility for a new Captain Marvel series. What could that mean? While no specifics about Blackest Night were revealed at this time, everyone on the panel expressed intense admiration for the art, the story and all the elements of the upcoming, earth-shattering story line that will leave a strong print on every aspect of the DC universe. There were statements made about dead Teen Titans making an appearance in this story arc, and that will certainly wreak havoc on an already shaken up group of Titans. We'll be bringing you more and more details from DC over the next few days, so don't forget to visit!