Ms. Marvel Co-Creator "Most Nervous" About Reaction to Next Episode: "We Took Some Risks"

Ms. Marvel co-creator Sana Amanat says that she's most nervous about the reaction to the next episode. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the executive producer shared her thoughts about what's coming in Episode 5. Plainly put, Amanat said, "we took some risks." Sometimes, those big swings can be the most rewarding when it comes to television shows. Think about your favorite programs and the standout episodes. Very rarely do they come from stock entries in the series. Outings that really "go for it" tend to stick in the hearts and minds of viewers way more easily. Being back in Partition should elicit some emotional reactions out of Ms. Marvel fans all over the globe. So, get ready for some big ideas in the fifth episode on Disney+.

Amanat began, "I'm glad you caught that, very lovely observation. I was like, 'are people going to get that or no?' Ultimately, this is a story about identity. How do you understand your identity without understanding what home is and what home means to you? The Clandestines are an interesting foil in that regard, because you are talking about people being displaced, and then there are these people and here's how they interpret their displacement. There's a much larger metaphor there and I want to see what people think of it."

"I'm really interested in the post wrap-up conversations about this entire show. Because it's very layered, you're talking about South Asian character, but you're also talking about a Muslim character," she continued. "So, I think we intentionally tried to tell a story of what it means when you lose your home and how you try to create a new one. I mean, it's what Kamala's parents did. They came to a new country, they created a home for themselves here. And yet, Kamala feels like she doesn't understand what that means. So, there's certainly a lot of parallels and very intentionally so."

"The next episode is going to be an interesting one. Full disclosure, it's the episode I'm most nervous about. I think it's really great, but we took some risks with that episode. So, I'm curious to know how people are going to respond to it," the producer concluded.


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