Ms Marvel's Embiggen Catchphrase Added to

The Marvel Universe is always inspiring new things in the real world, and now thanks to Kamala [...]

The Marvel Universe is always inspiring new things in the real world, and now thanks to Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel we now have a brand new word in the online dictionary. Fans of Kamala will know that when she uses her powers to increase her size, she will often use her catchphrase Embiggen. Whether it's in the comics or in animation, the phrase has popped up time and time again, and now has added the word as part of 600 new additions to its catalog.

Other words added to the mix included Supposably, Finna, Deepfake, SponCon, BIPOC, and more. says that their team has touched over 7,600 entries with this latest update, including 450 new entries, 94 new definitions in existing entries, and 700 new pronunciations.

You can check out the official definition for Embiggen below.

"embiggen - [ em-big-uhn ]SHOW IPA

verb (used with or without object) Informal: Often Facetious.
to make or become bigger:
You can spot my sister if you embiggen the photo."

Hopefully, we'll see Iman Vellani use the catchphrase in Disney+'s upcoming Ms. Marvel series as well, bringing it into live-action for the first time. We know several other aspects of Khan's character from the comics is making it into the series already, including her love of Captain Marvel, as she's been spotted on the set wearing a full Captain Marvel costume, complete with fiery mohawk and Cap's trademark helmet.

Vellani is also going to be featured in the upcoming Captain Marvel 2 alongside Teyonah Parris' Monica Rambeau, who made her return to the MCU in Disney's WandaVision. The sequel will bring two major parts of Cap's comic world into her orbit in the MCU, creating a dream scenario for many comics fans. Now all we need is Jessica Drew's Spider-Woman to hop into the MCU and we are golden.

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