Ms. Marvel: Will Brie Larson's Captain Marvel Appear?

Marvel Studios surprised fans in some pretty significant ways at this weekend's D23 Expo, when even more details about the Marvel Cinematic Universe's future were announced. Among the news was an announcement of three new MCU-set Disney+ series -- including one focused on Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel. While the series is still years out from its debut, fans have already begun to wonder how Kamala's unique origin story will be adapted for Ms. Marvel, and whether or not Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) will directly factor into that.

In the comics, Kamala is a Muslim teenage girl in Jersey City, New Jersey, who idolizes and writes fanfiction about superheroes -- particularly Carol Danvers. After discovering that she has shape-shifting powers due to an Inhuman terrigen mist, Kamala accidentally shape-shifts into Ms. Marvel-era Carol, and begins to publicly use her powers to save one of her high school friends. As Kamala begins to get more in tune with her powers, she shape-shifts into Carol several more times, before realizing that she could be inspired by Carol to be her own hero. Later in Ms. Marvel's initial run, Kamala and Carol finally crossed paths, and Carol became a sort of mentor to the younger hero.

While a Ms. Marvel series could theoretically tweak Kamala's origin story a bit (largely because the Inhuman terrigen mist is tied to one of the more forgettable parts of the MCU), the fact that Kamala idolizes Carol is an integral part of how she becomes a hero.

"We wanted to get Captain Marvel out there first so that there is something for a young Muslim girl to get inspired by," Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said last year.

"I mean my dream would be that Ms. Marvel gets to come into play in the [Captain Marvel] sequel," Larson said back in February. "That's the goal."

This inspiration from Carol can already be seen in Ms. Marvel's initial logo, which both uses Carol's iconic Hala star and the color palette and lines from the Captain Marvel costume. There's also the fact that Marvel Studios Feige recently confirmed that Kamala will also appear in future movies -- something that a pre-existing relationship with Carol would help springboard. Whether Kamala shape-shifts into Carol in the early days of being a superhero (leading to some fun fight scenes involving Larson) and/or Carol herself cameos to meet Kamala, there certainly are several ways that Captain Marvel could factor into the story.

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