New Black Widow Photos Possibly Reveal New MCU Villain

Marvel's anticipated Black Widow movie is already underway, but so far most of the photos have revolved around Scarlett Johansson and her stunt doubles. Thanks to some new photos from the set, which is located in Budapest, Hungary, we have a look at who she might be facing off against in the film, and Marvel fans are already trying to guess the identity of the mysterious figure. As you can see in the photos below, the armored individual is riding in an armored vehicle and sports a full armored body suit, helmet, and a pack on his back.

As for the colors, they look to be blue and silver with red accents, though the sunlight could be altering what the color actually is. We won't really know until we get an official photo, but the helmet is definitely distinct, and it's giving fans a very Taskmaster vibe.

Now you might be wondering why Taskmaster, since the version most known is the 616 universe version with the long white cape, blue and orange costume, and skull for a mask. This version could be based on the Ultimate take on Taskmaster, which was much more grounded and featured relatively normal looking soldier gear, a white cloak around his neck, and a mask that was a more modern take on the whole skull motif.

"UPDATE | June, 25
Budapest, Hungary

#BlackWidow set pics. Guys, it's so surreal!!!"

If this is Taskmaster, the suit would, of course, get some changes before being introduced int the MCU, and this could very well be the result of those tweaks. It's hard to make out the bottom half of the mask, but if it ends up having any sort of skull-like design or aesthetic, we could be looking at the MCU version of the Taskmaster.

Some also say it could be Night Thrasher, though that seems rather unlikely for a Black Widow film. Taskmaster is a much better fit, but for now, we'll have to wait and see. You can check out the full photos above.


While we don't know the villain, we do know that Black Widow takes place in the time between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, during which Widow and those who sided with Captain America were rogue agents from the Government and on the run. Perhaps they are the ones who sent Taskmaster to collect Widow, and if that's the case you know that battle is going to be epic.

Black Widow currently has no release date.

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