Disney Reportedly Unimpressed with New Mutants

When it comes to the X-Men, the iconic comic series has had varied success in theaters. Films like [...]

When it comes to the X-Men, the iconic comic series has had varied success in theaters. Films like Logan did well with audiences, but newer outings like Dark Phoenix did not impress in any way. Thanks to the Disney-Fox acquisition, Mickey Mouse is now responsible for overseeing how the X-Men will work in the future, and one report says Disney isn't too impressed with Fox's X-Men venture.

Recently, Variety posted an article detailing the pressure Fox is facing at Disney following the box office flop of Dark Phoenix. It is there New Mutants got mentioned, and things do not sound good for the horror film.

"The studio is unimpressed with "New Mutants," an "X-Men" spinoff with a haunted-house vibe, and believes it has limited box office potential," Variety reported.

As for fans unaware of New Mutants, the film is one which 20th Century Fox oversaw and seemed to complete before it was acquired by Disney. The first footage of New Mutants debuted in 2017 with a Spring 2019 release date, but that has since been delayed. Right now, New Mutants is expected to go live in April 2020, and the X-Men franchise's producer Simon Kinberg told Digital Spy recently the latest delay is due to reshoots.

"What's happening is we're gonna do reshoots this year on that film and it has a new release date from Disney," Kinberg explained. "That's really it. Part of it was figuring out what the reshoots were gonna be, the pick-ups, and the other part of it was getting that cast back together."

Still, Variety's report suggests Disney is not keen on what New Mutants has to offer. A limited release might work if box office conditions are optimal, so an October release would suit the movie's horror aesthetic. But as it stands now, New Mutants is aiming for an April release next year, and it only has so much time left to convince Disney of its worth before then.

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