'New Mutants' Star Says Reshoots Makes It the Movie She "Signed Up To Do"

When a film is delayed for a long period of time due to massive reshoots, it is often cause for concern, though in the case of The New Mutants, star Anya Taylor-Joy claims the updated film will now be a better reflection of the film she and the rest of the cast intended to make.

"I think we're making the movie that we set out to make, in the beginning," Taylor-Joy shared with Collider. "That's what we're going to end up delivering to people. It feels like the movie we all signed up to do, which is good."

The film was originally slated to come out earlier this year, with its first trailer, which debuted last fall, confirming that the film would land in theaters on April 13th. As compared to other X-Men films that have been released, New Mutants was meant to be more horrifying in tone than its counterparts.

Films getting slight tweaks in their release dates aren't out of the ordinary, though when the film was pushed from April 13th to August 2nd, 2019, fans were both disappointed in having to wait longer and apprehensive about the quality of the film. When describing her character, the actress noted that the delays and reshoots will ultimately deliver audiences the best version of the story.

"It's crazy exciting! I love my character. I have such a connection to Illyana. I absolutely adore her, and getting to play her is super fun because she's sassy and Russian and a little bit psycho. She's just so much fun to play," the actress detailed. "And I don't find [the delay] frustrating because when the film comes out, we want it to be something that will make the fans truly happy. Taking the time to do it, whilst people might find it a little bit frustrating to wait for it, when we deliver it, it's going to be fantastic. That's the most important thing. And getting the opportunity to play the character again is just great."

Earlier this year, co-star Charlie Heaton echoed the actress' comments about just how terrifying the film is expected to be.

"It's basically about these mutants in a facility for damaged mutants," star Charlie Heaton shared with Entertainment Weekly earlier this year. "It's a story about these characters coming to grips with who they are and it's a horror X-Men movie, which we haven't seen before. I feel like, for an X-Men movie, yeah, I think they're going full-fledged horror. Without saying too much – I really don't want to give away too much what it's about, it's very under wraps – but it is, in terms of anything we've seen in the X-Men world, it's definitely a horror film. It's scarier than anything we've seen in that genre."

The New Mutants will land in theaters on August 2, 2019.


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