Samuel L. Jackson Reveals How He Wants Nick Fury to Die in the MCU

Samuel L. Jackson might not appear in every entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, yet he's been [...]

Samuel L. Jackson might not appear in every entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, yet he's been a core component of connecting the franchise since its inception in 2008's Iron Man. The final moments of Avengers: Infinity War featured Fury's demise as a result of Thanos' snap, only for Avengers: Endgame to bring him back to life. Fury will next appear in Spider-Man: Far From Home and, while Jackson didn't confirm that he will be exiting the MCU any time in the near future, he did offer a tease on how he'd like his character to die, when the time comes.

"If he has to have one, sure, that'd be great," Jackson shared with Jake Hamilton in regards to his character's death. The actor hinted that he'd like that death to take place in outer space, joking, "Probably somewhere else, out there, somewhere, not down here."

A majority of the events of the MCU have kept things grounded on earth, though Guardians of the Galaxy began exploring things going on in other corners of the universe, which opened up all-new possibilities for characters. Spider-Man traveled to space in Infinity War, while Fury has had his share of intergalactic adventures, as witnessed in Captain Marvel.

Despite the otherworldly nature of Captain Marvel, co-director Anna Bowden previously explained that the film concluded with a scene depicting Fury on earth as a way to ground the franchise and tease what the future held for the characters.

"I think that our intention was to give you this sense of where she's going to help end the war and find the Skrulls a home without actually seeing her land on a planet somewhere and set up a civilization," Bowden shared with the Empire Film Podcast. "I feel like we can use our imaginations as to that big mission, how that might exactly play out. So that is where we wanted to leave Captain Marvel and it just felt like the weight of her inspiring the Avengers and her inspiring this entire world that we've come to know and love as Marvel enthusiasts over the years felt like the right way to tell the story. So in a way, we feel like we are leaving it with Carol, but it's about the future that she 's inspired at the end of the movie."

Fans can see Fury next in Spider-Man: Far From Home, hitting theaters on July 2nd. Avengers: Endgame is out now in theaters and Captain Marvel is available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

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