Olympic Figure Skater Hits Ice To ‘Spider-Man’ Theme Song For Final Performance

There is only one thing out there cooler than being Spider-Man, and that is being an Olympic athlete. This weekend, the 2018 Winter Games will wrap in South Korea after its medals have been awarded, but the figure skating sport isn’t going out quietly. Tonight, the event’s biggest stars hit the ice for an exhibition gala, and one geek-friendly athlete went out with Peter Parker on his team.

Not long ago, Jin Boyang of China did his exhibition routine, and the men’s single athlete stunned with his Spider-Man performance. The 21-year-old came onto the ice wearing a black costume that featured an intricate web pattern. So, you could make the argument that Boyang was channeling his inner-Venom.

The routine was a technical powerhouse, and its musical switch-ups worked well. The crowd adored the comic book-inspired piece, and plenty of fans hit the Internet to coo over Boyang. Others, well — they were stunned by the fact that Michael Buble had done a cover of the Spider-Man theme song which the program used.

This may be the first time many have seen the nerdy program, but this is not its debut. Boyang has skated this short program before as prior events. As you can see above, the figure skater brought Spider-Man onto the ice at the 2017 World Figure Skating Championships in Finland. So, if you want to get a look at what the Chinese athlete can do, then click play and prepare to be amazed.


If Boyang sounds familiar to you, then you may have paid closer attention to the Olympics than you thought. The athlete did his Free Skate for the event to the tune of Star Wars. Boyang performed his longer routine to a mix of songs such as “Cantina Band” earlier in the Olympics.

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