One Fan Notices Surprising Captain Marvel Easter Egg In Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame's video release has given Marvel fans even more opportunities to dissect the movie on their own time. People had been wondering what was up with Captain Marvel's new costume in the film, and one Reddit commenter figured it out. It turns out there is a very good reason for the color swap besides the fact that the new haircut and suit look cool.

The Reddit post below shows how the new suit for Carol Danvers might be a nod to the first Captain Marvel. Mar-Vell's suit has colorblocking that is very similar to her look on the battlefield. A nice nod for fans who know about the connection and a natural progression of Carol's look for everyone else in the audience enjoying the film. That wasn't the only change to the character's appearance over the course of Endgame though.

It just dawned on me why they inverted Carol's colors for Endgame. from r/marvelstudios

The visual effects special features showed how the team was able to create Captain Marvel's longer haircut through CGI. Usually, use of the technology is limited to all the otherworldly powers at play during that final battle or the high-tech nature of Iron Man and Pepper Potts' suits. Fans were quick to defend the massive CGI lift that went into creating Endgame.

Marvel Studios had Larson wear a cap and then added her longer hair in during post-production for the earlier parts of the film. Two reasons for this change are the zero-gravity problem that space represents for filming scenes like that. The other reason would be just convenience in possibly having to re-shoot or tweak scenes after Larson had to cut her hair for the later parts of the movie. Either way, it is hard to argue that this solution wasn't clever.

Captain Marvel could look even more different the next time that audiences see the character. After all, she’s going to be a big part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward. Not to mention the fact that her number one fan is getting her own series on Disney+ in the coming years with Ms. Marvel. Things are lining up for a ton more adventures featuring Carol Danvers.


Who knows what else fans might notice now that they can watch Avengers: Endgame at their leisure? What is your favorite Avengers: Endgame easter egg?

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