Major Punisher Villain Returns

The Punisher just received a surprise visit from an old enemy he thought was long gone.

Spoilers for The Punisher #3 by Matthew Rosenberg, Szymon Kudranski, and Antonio Fabela follow.

The new Punisher series is picking up at an eventful and unfortunate time for Frank Castle. During Secret Empire, Frank was tricked by the evil Steve Rogers into working for Hydra. Nick Fury then convinced Castle to put on the War Machine armor after James Rhodes’ death and go after bigger targets, like despots and strongmen.

Rather than return the War Machine armor once Fury's mission was complete, Frank decided to try to kill the evil Steve Rogers, aka the Supreme Commander. Iron Man, the Avengers, and the resurrected James Rhodes himself intervened and managed to convince Castle to give up the War Machine armor, though Frank did succeed in stopping Hydra from breaking the Supreme Commander out of prison.

Frank may not have the War Machine armor any longer, but he's maintained that taste for bigger targets. Instead of focusing on drug dealers and mobsters, the Punisher has turned his attention to supervillains and Hydra in particular. Frank has already taken down the Mandarin, which has prompted current Hydra leader Baron Zemo to declare all-out war on Frank.

The heroes of New York City, including Daredevil, tried to intervene and stop Frank from escalating this war any further, but it was too late. Zemo already ordered every evil henchman available to find and kill Frank Castle. With Daredevil's help, Frank manages to fight his way out of a corner, but Daredevil tricks Frank into walking right into the hands of Nick Fury, who is ready to put the Punisher under arrest.

But there's someone dangerous masquerading as one of the soldiers under Fury's command. This soldier gets up close to Frank to let him in on the secret: it is none other than Frank's archenemy, the criminal known as Jigsaw.

Punisher Jigsaw Marvel
(Photo: Szymon Kudranski, Antonio Fabela, Matthew Rosenberg, Marvel Entertainment)

Billy Russo is back. He's shown up here and there in the background of other Marvel Comics as part of the Hood's gang and in other settings, but this is the first time in a while that he's been front and center in the life of Frank Castle.


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The Punisher #3 is now on sale.