'The Punisher' Season 2 Starts Filming Soon

Frank Castle only just solved the conspiracy that resulted in the death of his family, but the war on crime is just beginning.

A month after confirming a second season is in the works, it seems like production will begin on new episodes of the Marvel Television series The Punisher. As reported by SpoilerTV, production is set to begin on The Punisher Season 2 on February 26th, and continue until July 20th.

The series debuted on Netflix in November, boosting the already impressive library of superhero shows on the streaming platform. And after the over-the-top crossover action in The Defenders, it served as a decent palate cleanser.

While no official announcements have been made yet, it will likely shoot in and around New York City once again, especially if they plan to adapt Garth Ennis' popular run on The Punisher MAX from Marvel Comics.

Now that the military industrial complex has been properly dismantled, or at the least knocked down a peg, Castle can turn his attentions to the smaller fish that ruin lives on the streets instead of settling his personal scores. As the first episode of the series teased, there's a mob presence run by none other than the Gnucci crime family, who where staples of Ennis' first run.

If showrunner Steve Lightfoot intends to switch gears and provide a more traditional take on Frank Castle, he's already set himself up to tackle multiple years worth of material that would likely translate well to the small screen.

It's interesting that The Punisher is already heading into production so soon after its first season, and if it's true it must be a testament to how confident Netflix and Marvel Television is in the series (or it might have something to do with that impending Disney streaming service, who knows).

At this point, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have wrapped filming on their second seasons, while Daredevil and Iron Fist should be finished shooting within the next few months. Jessica Jones premieres in March, and the other Defenders are all rumored to hit the streaming service in 2018.


With work on The Punisher starting already, could fans expect to see five new seasons of Marvel series on Netflix this year? Or are they just getting a head start on their 2019 releases? Either way, it sounds like Netflix is ramping up the frequency of their Marvel series after releasing three in 2017.

The Punisher Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.