Return Of Marvel Netflix Heroes Will Reportedly Take Longer Than Two Years

The split between Disney and Netflix came as a surprise to some fans, who didn't expect for Netflix to cancel one of its most popular shows in Daredevil. That came after a string of cancellations for other Marvel shows like Luke Cage and Iron Fist and was followed by cancellations for Jessica Jones and The Punisher. Since that happened many have started to wonder when these heroes could show up in Marvel's current movie or TV stable, as the contract between Netflix and Marvel indicated it would be at least two years. A new report though indicates it will be even longer.

The previous understanding of the contract suggested that Disney couldn't revive those series or use those heroes for two years, but according to a new report by Indiewire, it will be significantly longer. At the Avengers: Endgame premiere a production executive told them that Disney has been warned by lawyers not to even start developing content featuring those characters until that two year period is over.

Many had assumed that Marvel would start developing projects with these heroes so that after the two years expired they could move those into production, but it seems the contract in some way prevents that or at least opens up Disney to being sued for breach of contract if Netflix finds out.

If that's true, that means it will be at least 2020 before development even begins, pushing any actual series or project out for another year or two at least. Luke Cage and Iron Fist would be the first characters available, while the most popular character Daredevil wouldn't be available until October 2020 for development, meaning we might not see a new implementation of the character before 2021 at the earliest and more likely 2022.

Jessica Jones and The Punisher would be pushed out even further, as those shows weren't canceled until 2019, putting them more than likely in the 2023 frame.

It's a shame too, since Disney is launching their Disney+ streaming service later this year, and those projects and characters would make for popular attractions. That said, Disney has no shortage of IP to use there, so they probably aren't really worried about it. Shows lined up for the service include Wanda Vision, Loki, Falcon & Winter Soldier, and The Mandalorian, and that's barely scratching the service. Come 2022 though, maybe some of our favorite Netflix characters will join them.



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