Robert Downey Jr. Makes Animated Paul Rudd Cry, Threatens To Buy His Candy Store And Eat All The Candy

Robert Downey Jr. is talking big game against an animated version of Paul Rudd. He made the [...]

Robert Downey Jr. is talking big game against an animated version of Paul Rudd. He made the Ant-Man star's avatar cry and threatened to buy his candy store and eat all the candy during their matchup for the AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League. With the NFL in full swing, various Marvel and DC actors are playing against each other for charity. It's amazing to watch these good friends rib each other every week, and the jokes will continue all season. Also of note, is the fact that $250,000 of the money raised during the league will go to causes represented by Chadwick Boseman. The Russo Brothers, who run the fantasy league, made sure to honor the Black Panther star with this gesture. But, the other stars in play also want to do a great job for their chosen charities as well. Downey is looking to take another step toward taking home the crown with a win against his friend.

"Time to get week 4 of the @AgboLeague fantasy football charity league started," the Marvel star wrote. "What better way than to rub my pal #PaulRudd's nose in it, and all in the name of #charity (@fp_coalition) thanks @FanDuel for the hefty prize pool...Thank you #RussoBrothers #AgboSuperheroLeague"

Back when the league started up, Downey had a few words to say, "What a year it's been, and fantasy football is back on. Robert Downey Jr. here, I'll be playing for the AGBO Superhero League. Footprint coalition, if I win the big prize. But, that's not what matters. The cool part is that $250,000 is going to be donated to charities in Chadwick Boseman's memory. So, we're gonna go long. We're gonna spike it in the end zone. We're gonna Hail Mary… Let the trash-talking begin!"

"And we're back...let the trash talking begin. The #AGBOSuperheroLeague has assembled some of my closest friends and fellow superhero opponents for a great cause…"

"This year, thanks to #FanDuel the stakes are higher than ever before ! There's $1M in prizes and @fp_coalition is my charity of choice," the Iron Man star told his followers on Twitter. "But most importantly this season is dedicated to #ChadwickBoseman and an additional $250K will be donated throughout to charities in his memory."

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