'Defenders' Rosario Dawson Joins 'Jane the Virgin' Season 4

Rosario Dawson has carved a nice niche for herself in the world of the Marvel Universe, but she'll be taking a detour to one of the most popular shows on The CW in the future.

Just announced at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour, Dawson will be joining Jane the Virgin for an arc in the show's fourth season. No details about her character were released at the time of the announcement.

The show returns from its winter hiatus later this month, with 10 episodes remaining in Season 4. So expect her character to make an impact shortly after it returns.

Dawson is an accomplished film actor who has had a steady gig as Claire Temple on the Marvel Television series on Netflix in recent years. She's been featured in the core series such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, and even had a major role in the crossover event The Defenders.

She is also rumored to be reprising her role in the new seasons of Daredevil and Iron Fist, and is confirmed to be returning for Luke Cage Season 2.

The actor is obviously going to have a busy 2018, maintaining multiple appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now her stint on Jane the Virgin.

The new season of Jane the Virgin sees the titular character dealing with an old flame who has returned to her life while also dealing with the complicated feelings she has for the father of her child.

It remains to be seen exactly how Dawson will factor into the series, but given the telenovela-inspired dramatics that tend to dominate Jane the Virgin, we expect she'll add even more complications to the mix.


Jane the Virgin returns to The CW on Friday, January 26.

(h/t TVLine)