'Runaways' Showrunners Promise Changes From The Comics

Marvel Television's first series on Hulu will adapt a beloved cult comic from creators Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, but the new show will not be confined to the source material.

Showrunners and executive producers Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz spoke with ComicBook.com at New York Comic Con to discuss how Marvel's Runaways will be different from the original Marvel comic. Watch the interview in the video above!

"We love the book, so obviously we wouldn't have wanted to do this if we were like, 'well let's just chuck the comic book, we don't need it.' We love the book," said Schwartz. "So naturally, being reverent to it was going to be a part of that but we were very fortunate that we had Brian K. Vaughan in the room with us for the first month in the writer's room of the show.

"And as we talked about the things we were going to do to update the story, or dig into the story, or slow down the story, to have him there not only endorsing those ideas or embracing ideas but pitching ideas just made us all feel much more confident and excited about how it was going to live as a TV show."

Savage elaborated on how certain elements had to be changed for television, be the pacing or aspects that work in the comic but not on screen.

"Some of it was that slowing down and digging in process, and some of it is just the process of translating something that works great in a comic but might feel a little heightened or like too much of a bye in something that's live-action and on TV," Savage added.

One of the biggest changes in the new series comes in the bigger focus on the Runaways' parents, the villainous cabal known as the Pride.


Though they are shown doing some despicable things, the show presents them in morally grey areas, making for a more entertaining presentation of the characters on the screen that fans of the comic will be surprised to see. They still have terrible intentions, but their motivations are more relatable.

The first three episodes of Marvel's Runaways premiere Tuesday, November 21 on Hulu.