'Runaways': Karolina Learns Her Shocking Connection to Jonah

Even though Hulu is adapting a very popular comic book, Marvel's Runaways has made some major [...]

Even though Hulu is adapting a very popular comic book, Marvel's Runaways has made some major alterations to the source material —and yet, it still manages to stay faithful.

One of the biggest changes comes in the form of Jonah; the series' big bad and mysterious benefactor of PRIDE. He also also happens to be Karolina's real father, as she herself learns in the first season finale.

With Runaways recently renewed for a second season at Hulu, this plot thread is likely to be a major point of exploration in the series' future. Jonah has the same glowing-skin, light-blasting abilities as his biological daughter. And though we don't see him fly, the fact that Karolina can is a strong indication that it runs in the family.

The reveal of Karolina's powers is a huge surprise for all of the other parents in the PRIDE, including her mom Leslie Dean. When she does learn of her daughter's abilities, Leslie makes it clear that one of her worst fears have been realized.

But the revelation is a bigger shock for Karolina and the man who she thought was her father, Frank Dean. Frank insists that he remains her dad, mentioning that he raised her and cares for her while Jonah was absent and only cares about his end game.

Karolina, on the other hand, finally realizes that she's not alone and, maybe, not a freak. After her standoff with Jonah knocks her unconscious, she comes to in her biological dad's secret bedroom at the Gibborim church compound. Jonah watches over her, eager to get to know her, telling her that he himself doesn't quite feel so alone.

And he wants to share that feeling with her.

We don't really get to dwell on Karolina's reaction to all of this, as her friends soon break into Gibborim territory and help her escape. She's just as quick to pick up where she left off with Nico, both of them eager to explore their relationship.

But Karolina's connection to her dad and curiosity to find out what exactly she is will definitely play a role in the future.

Hopefully we find out sooner than later, especially with Runaways Season 2 just confirmed on Hulu.