Is Molly Really Gone From Marvel's 'Runaways'?

The latest episode of Marvel's Runaways brought a major shakeup to the fledgling team of teens as the Yorkes parents informed Molly that they weren't going to take care of her anymore.

The move was the result of a lot of machinations from both the PRIDE and their children, who are attempting to expose them. While Molly thinks her adopted mother and father don't want her anymore, they're actually moving her to protect her.

The producer and co-showrunner of Marvel's first Hulu show recently spoke about the storyline with Entertainment Weekly, joking that fans will never see the character on the show again.

"Nope, that's the end of Molly, you'll never see Molly again," said Josh Schwartz. "It was a hell of a run with Allegra [Acosta], we wish her the best."

He said that Molly's exit is only temporary, and will propel the Runaways toward their inevitable confrontation with their parents.

"It'll make the threat very real to the rest of the Runaways," Schwartz said. "They're going to know that Molly gets sent off in the middle of the night, that the pressure is mounting, tensions are rising and the noose is tightening."

Molly's seen some major changes from her comic book counterpart, including the fact that her parents have been killed. The Hernandez mom and dad were shown in a recent flashback, revealing that they were a part of the early days of PRIDE, though they were killed in a fire surrounded by mysterious circumstances.

After that incident, Dale and Stacey Yorkes adopted the young Molly, who happened to survive the event that killed her parents, and she became a little sister to Gert. But the source of her mysterious powers are another story.


Maybe we'll learn more about Molly's past, how her parents died, and where her powers come from in a future episode as the questions surrounding her circumstances start coming to the forefront.

New episodes of Runaways premiere every Tuesday on Hulu.