'Runaways' Star Allegra Acosta Teases Cliffhanger Finale

With Marvel Televisions' debut on Hulu, the media giant switched gears from costumed heroics and instead focused on family dynamics and conspiracy theories.

Considering all of the twists and turns that have taken place already in the first season of Marvel's Runaways, it makes sense that one of the stars would be teasing that it would end with a huge cliffhanger.

Allegra Acosta, who plays the youngest member of the group in Molly Hernandez, spoke with ComicBook.com about the series upcoming finale, where she teased some surprising events for her character's group of friends.

"I just went to ADR [Automated Dialogue Replacement] for it," Acosta said. "So, when I saw it, I was still in shock. I was like, 'Oh my god, they left this on a total cliffhanger.' So there will be some- hopefully, knock on wood, we get picked up for Season Two. I think it's leading to some future episodes. And I think the fans won't be [disappointed]. It's just as legendary as they're going to picture it."

The show has already had some major revelations for the characters, taking some huge departures from the source material in the comics by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona. The series has already shifted focus, fleshing out the events from the perspective of the parents and portraying them with shades of moral gray.

Molly in particular has seen a lot of changes, the major one being that they cannot use the word "mutant" in the series due to Fox holding the media rights for X-Men and all related concepts. That may change soon, of course, but for now the showrunners have already made significant alterations to Molly's character from the comics in order to put her on the screen.

One change includes her parents being killed off and Molly being adopted by Gert Yorkes' parents as a result, making the two siblings. The latest episode of the series began with a flashback where we finally get to see Molly's mom and dad, who were members of the PRIDE before their mysterious deaths that were blamed on a house fire.


Hopefully we learn more about these mysterious circumstances before the show ends and we're left waiting for a possible Season Two.

New episodes of Marvel's Runaways air every Tuesday on Hulu.