'Marvel's Runaways' Stan Lee Cameo Revealed

The latest episode of Marvel's Runaways finally brought a long-standing tradition to Hulu, with the Man Himself finally making an appearance.

In the sixth episode, called "Metamorphosis," Stan Lee makes his cameo on the new series from Marvel Television.

The episode features the teens attempting to keep it together after rescuing Alex from some would be kidnappers. They know they need to make their parents see justice for their crimes, which includes sacrificing a bunch of kids for some nefarious purpose. And with a camera recording all of the rituals the PRIDE has performed, the kids now have the means to prove it.

They just have to break into the Minoru's heavily fortified, high tech server room to do it. Luckily they have an opportunity to do just that, with PRIDE hosting a gala at the Wiz Technologies building and the parents expecting their kids to attend.

All of the teens pitch in to get their own limo to the event, attempting to retain some of the normalcy from their lives before finding out their parents are murderers (because nothing says adolescents like bellinis in the back of a limousine).

When the limo pulls up outside Wiz, their driver announces their arrival — hey, it's Stan Lee!

Limo driver is yet another odd job the former figurehead of Marvel Comics has had in the cinematic universe. He's also been a delivery driver, a beauty pageant judge, and even a DJ at a strip club in Deadpool.

While these were all thought to be fun cameos referencing Lee's vast influence on the superhero genre, his appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 posited that he is actually a cosmic entity unbound by the rules of time and space.


Lee is shown meeting with a group of Watchers, telling them of his various exploits in the different Marvel movies. Maybe the MCU is slowly building Lee up to be the next big bad after Thanos? Probably not.

For now, fans can catch Lee's latest cameo in the latest episode of Marvel's Runaways, now streaming on Hulu. New episodes premiere every Tuesday.