Vincent D'Onofrio Says He's Doing His Best to Save Daredevil

It sounds like a dream being cast in a Marvel series, but every high must hit a low down the road. For the cast of Daredevil, they learned this when word came the Netflix series was being cancelled. The cast has been vocal about their desire to return to work but few have been more open than Vincent D'Onofrio.

Recently, the actor got real about Daredevil again when he took to Twitter. The actor shared a post written by a fan asking for the show to be saved, and D'Onofrio said he's doing all he can.

"I'm doing my best kiddo," the actor wrote.

Plenty of fans took to social media to back the actor as #SaveDaredevil continues. In the wake of the show's axe, a ton of fans created online petitions to show Marvel their dedication to Matt Murdock and the gang. Season three was said by many to be the best of Daredevil, so they were distraught to hear it would be the last. It seems D'Onofrio feels the same, and he says the rest of the cast shares his feelings.

"[The cancellation] kind of [left] us all in this uninformed, weird place. You ask any actor on this show if they want to do it again if they had the chance and they're going to say yes, because the experience was so fun and inventive, and the characters are so strong," the actor told the Daily Mail in a recent interview.

"I feel the same way as everybody involved, not just the actors but the crew, and even Jeph Loeb over at Marvel, we miss it, we want to do that show."

To this day, Disney has yet to comment on any official plans to bring back Daredevil, but fans have yet to give up hope. Netflix might have decided to discontinue the title, but the Devil of Hell's Kitchen could have other homes under Marvel. If a full-on film is out of the question, Disney will launch it own streaming service Disney+ this year and has a large stake in Hulu. Still, the word is out on Daredevil's status, and it's hopeful return will be thanks to guys like D'Onofrio down the line.


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