Scarlet Witch Meme Teases Doctor Strange's Death

Doctor Strange's next adventure promises to be quite the mind-bending experience. A new meme on [...]

Doctor Strange's next adventure promises to be quite the mind-bending experience. A new meme on Reddit posits that the Sorcerer Supreme should watch his back in the next movie though. The post points to the fact that everyone Scarlet Witch gets teamed with ends up dead somehow. If you follow the pattern, that means Strange could be next, but it could be more complicated than that.

All fans really know about the next Doctor Strange film is that it is called Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and that he'll be teamed with Scarlet Witch. It is also rumored to be the first "horror" Marvel movie. Now, how do these two end up together? All signs point to whatever happens in WandaVision on Disney+ as a jumping-off point for the event that will lead these two Avengers into a team-up.

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Wanda Maximoff looks like she will get Vision back after his death in Avengers: Infinity War. Disney+ is almost here this Fall, and the streaming service will bring a lot of content to fans for the foreseeable future. One show that Marvel fans have been looking forward to is WandaVision, and that will be quite the departure for the first half of that equation.

Scarlet Witch's performance in the Avengers movies has shown how strong she can be when pitted against some of the most powerful enemies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her comic book counterpart is even more formidable with those reality-altering powers. WandaVision could very well end up heading down a similar path. Olsen told Entertainment Weekly that she's been looking forward to playing the upcoming version of Scarlet Witch for some time.

"Just from starting from Age of Ultron," Olsen shared, "the things that I've loved about the Scarlet Witch are things we're getting to explore now. And I'm very nervous and excited about it in all the fun ways. But I think we finally get to go down some roads in comic books that are favorites and explore, and it's going to be a wild ride."

WandaVision is being billed as a mixture of Marvel Studios movies and classic sitcoms from the '60s and '70s. That strange mash-up has made fans curious about what they can expect from the new series. Show writer Jac Schaeffer and director Matt Shakman had some slight details about what fans can expect when the series hits Disney+.

"They are such an unusual pairing, right? He's [Vision] not human but he's more human than anyone, maybe," Shakman began. "He always has the best, most wise things to say. He completely sees the world for what it is. She's gone through so much trauma. She's lost her brother, she's an orphan, and all these different things have happened to her."

Shakman continued, "I think we've all been quite taken by that union. It's [WandaVision] is the exploration of that bizarre, strange, completely right kind of love and it's about watching them explore their relationship and growing it."