A Shang-Chi Blooper Reel Exists

Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings definitely has a blooper reel. Both director Destin Daniel Cretton and star Simu Liu appeared on Comicbook.com's Phase Zero podcast to talk about it. The filmmaker explained, "There was one made that made me laugh quite a bit, and I don't know ... I have no idea if it'll be released." In response, Liu also confirmed its existence and wondered how it might make its way to the fans. The Shang-Chi actor added, "I have also seen such a video. So I can confirm that such a product exists, but in what capacity, how it will be introduced to the world remains to be seen. It's a mystery." Host Brandon Davis and Jenna Anderson asked who generated the biggest laughs, and it should come as no surprise that Awkwafina absolutely had the whole crew in stitches during filming.

Simu explained, "Yeah. Nora's so quick and so funny, and I think she is responsible for easily 50 percent of that gag reel, at least the one that I watched, and it was so good and really just ... I love watching the BTS stuff, because it really just takes me back to when we were shooting, just felt like a simpler time just going to work every day and making this movie. It was really, really one of the most incredible times of my life."

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Additionally, Phase Zero has already recorded and released its Bonus Episode #3 with a spoiler-filled breakdown and reaction to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. It is available now on all major podcast platforms.

The director couldn't help but laugh at his star calling filming under coronavirus restrictions a simpler time. But, the actor gave a thoughtful answer about how that structure really helped him focus. Liu also added a joke about how the press tour is a bit more involved.

"It was a simpler time. All I had to worry about was what scenes I was shooting and what was our next stunt sequence," the star remembered. "Now it's like, 'You have 50 interviews, and you have to do this podcast with Brandon Davis. You got to pretend to like him.'"

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