Shang-Chi Star Reveals Where his Character Should Go Next in the MCU

Much to the surprise of many Marvel Comics fans, Razor Fist made it all the way through Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and he seems to have an actual future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Razor Fist wasn't long for the world of the comics, but he lived to fight another day in the MCU, and the post-credits scene showed him sitting at Xialing's side as she began a new era of the Ten Rings. Razor Fist will be returning to the screen and actor Florian Munteanu knows exactly what he wants to see from his character's next outing.

While speaking to about his MCU debut in Shang-Chi, Munteanu opened up about where he sees Razor Fist's story going. There aren't any specifics in place just yet, such as when exactly Razor Fist will pop back into the franchise, but Munteanu clearly hopes to explore the more personal side of the character.

"I want to take exactly that route that we started to bring that character on," Munteanu explained. "I want to show that he's more than just the soldier. I feel like in glimpses you can see that he represents the right values. We see him as a soldier, but we see him as a loyal soldier, a strong loyal soldier that made the Ten Rings and the organization his family. That alone shows that there's more to him than just taking orders and executing them.

"When we see the deleted scenes, I feel like we get a better look at Razor Fist, his emotional side, that he has a lot of heart, that there are a lot more things that he cares about than just fighting or executing orders or the Ten Rings. I want to exactly pick up on that and evolve that because I feel like the dramatic side, the emotional side, is one of my biggest strengths and I want to put that strength on Razor Fist as well. I feel like people would love that, to see Razor Fist, not only as a fighting machine, but be played with a lot of heart."

There were some emotional scenes with Razor Fist that were left on the cutting room floor, but even the scenes that did make it into the final cut show that there's more to him than meets the eye. Just the fact that Xialing is willing to work alongside him after everything her father did goes to show that there are more layers to who Razor Fist is away from the battlefield. 

The final frame of Shang-Chi delivered a title card that read, "The Ten Rings Will Return." That includes Razor Fist. His second outing in the MCU is a matter of when, not if, and it may bring with it a deeper understanding of the man beneath the blade.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is now available on-demand and on Disney+.