She-Hulk Cast on Why a Spider-Man Cameo Is a Must

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has built itself on acting like a live-action counterpart to its source material both in content and structure. Especially with the debut of the first batch of Marvel Studios television shows on Disney+, the serialized storytelling from one project to the next has never been more apparent. That, in turn, has led to an increased frequency of cameos throughout the franchise; and if one She-Hulk: Attorney at Law star gets their way, Spider-Man will be on the way before too long at all.

In a new interview with E! Online, Josh Segarra plead for a comic-accurate crossover wherein Spidey (Tom Hollands) swoops in to save his character, August "Pug" Pugliese.

"Pug in the comic book gets saved by Spider-Man, and that's why he dedicates his life to protecting superheroes. So, I'm just wondering what Tom's doing. If he's busy, it's just a day," Segarra told the outlet. "One day, we shoot the scene. I'm just wondering what they're– Andrew, what's up bro?"

Unfortunately for Segarra, Spider-Man isn't a character whose live-action rights are owned by Marvel Studios. Instead, the film rights to Spider-Man and his entire stable belong with Sony. She-Hulk head writer Jessica Gao previously confirmed that's why they were unable to use the web-slinger in the series.

"We knew innately that Spider-Man was a no-go," Gao explained in an interview with TVLine earlier this year. "We thought maybe some of the other characters in Spider-Man might be fun to bring into our world, but we were told pretty early on that that was impossible, so we didn't really go too far down the road. We just had a couple of Spider-Man supernerds in our room who dare to dream!"

"There were a lot of characters from the comics– we wanted a lot of the comics for characters for fun situations where we could bring in like a character and think of like funny reasons why they would be in legal trouble," she added. "But there were a lot of characters that were from the comics that we couldn't use either because of a rights issue, or there were a few times where it was because Marvel… all they would say is that they had other plans. And that's all they would tell us. And then, we tried very, very hard to poke, and prod, and get a little bit more information. Of course, they wouldn't tell us. But I will say, the one MCU character that really bummed out a lot of the writers in our room that we couldn't use was Spider-Man and anyone involved around– like in the Spider-Man universe. Because we had so many Spider-Man fans in the room."

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