Sideshow's Iron Man Mark L From Avengers: Infinity War is Remarkable

It's no secret that Sideshow Collectibles offers some of the most well-detailed collectible figures based on popular characters in film, TV, and movies. One of their flagship items is Iron Man, a character which lends itself to detailed variations as the suit's creator Tony Stark has long been a fan of the verb "tinker." With all of his tinkering, the suit has evolved both in comics and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's movies -- an evolution which culminated in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. In Infinity War, Stark debuted his nanotechnology as a means to have the suit grow onto him with a sleek design and plenty off surprising features, like a nano repulsor cannon, hand cannon, and wings. With Sideshow's 1:6 scale Iron Man Mark L figure, those features come to life in astounding details.

Watch a full unboxing of the Iron Man Mark L figure in the video above!

The Iron Man Mark L comes brilliantly packaged. Having recently cracked into a Doctor Strange figure from the same Infinity War line and a Black Panther figure from the character's titular film which directly preceded Infinity War, it is as if the Iron Man figure gets an extra special treatment. The sleek and colorful outer design is eye-catching but the detail beneath is more rewarding. This makes unboxing the figure actually fun -- and the right amount off time consuming. The first hidden layer is a black box with Iron Man's design outlined in grey, before a wholly grey foam package is unveiled with "MARK L" crisply engraved. On its back, black plastic encasing the stand and attachable props, and inside is the beautiful Iron Man figure.

Opening up the Mark L-labeled foam, the figure unveils itself, complete with an attachable Tony Stark head modeled after Robert Downey Jr. lodged beside it. The armor reflects the light in the room just enough to offer an impressive glow, shaped perfectly after the suit's appearance in Infinity War. Once it is removed from the packaging and its extra protective layers, the posability of the figure begins to shine. The arms, shoulders, wrists, knees, neck, and ankles all bend safely as expected. However, the extra touches come in the form of the arch of the feet being customizable, along with all five of Iron Man's fingers. You can, within reason, make the character pose however you want.

After checking out the instruction booklet carefully, there is a set of small tools and 18 batteries which can be inserted into the figure. All 18 batteries are needed and they are two different size batteries, so losing one would make for a bad time, and inserting them into the head, chest, arms, and legs can prove to be a bit tedious. In other words, be mindful of how small and delicate each piece of the figure and its accessories are.

Once the batteries are in place, their covers are screwed back on, all six switches are switched to "on," and the figure is standing on its own -- it is actually pretty breathtaking. There are more than 20 different spots on the figure which light up and the Iron Man suit itself perfectly hides all of the switches and screws. The eyes, the chest, the core, the legs -- every light on the armor from the movie can be seen on the 1:6 scale figure. The lighting features truly shine when the nano repulsor cannon are attached, offering a glow from the front of the prop weapon but also along its sides. It's an impressive feat in the design by Hot Toys and Sideshow.


The figure is nothing short of remarkable. The quality can be seen in the design and felt in the weight of it. It is highly posable and very much screen-accurate, ready to take on Thanos on Titan. With a price tag of $407, the figure is available now and usually ships within 1-2 days of order. Honestly, it seems to be priced a bit below where one might expect after a thorough look and getting their hands on it. You can check out the figure and possibly order one for yourself on Sideshow's official site.

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