Simon Kinberg Hopes He's "Never" Done Making X-Men Movies

Even though an impending 21st Century Fox acquisition by Disney looms large as this month progresses towards shareholders votes, Fox producer and director Simon Kinberg is thinking full steam ahead. In fact, Kinberg "never" wants to stop making movies with the Marvel properties Fox currently owns, most notably — the X-Men franchise.

Speaking with THR, Kinberg praised the work he and his cohorts did on critically-acclaimed Fox movies like Logan and Deadpool.

"I hope never," Kinberg responded when asked when there's a point when it's too much. "We have found in terms of doing stand-alone movies like Loganand Deadpool that we can smuggle a different genre into the comic book movie. Logan was a Western, and Deadpool was like a Monty Python, R-rated comedy."

"Genre material has sort of pushed out a lot of drama and comedies. If you can smuggle those kinds of movies into this very digestible genre, then you can have more fun."

With the X-Men franchise's counterpart in the Marvel Cinematic Universe eclipsing the twenty movie mark in Ant-man and the Wasp, Kinberg was then asked whether the ever-expanding shared movie universes would ever be a burden on new fans.

According to Kingberg, he doesn't think the amount of movies creates a barrier for new fans to get involved with their respective franchises.

"I feel the obligation is the opposite. It's not a barrier of entry in terms of catching the audience up, it's actually a barrier of catching the audience off guard," Kinberg explained. "You want audiences to feel that it's not the same movie. It is as fresh as any other movie out there, it's not being compared to previous X-Men movies, it's being compared to Black Panther, to Avengers, to Arrival, anything within the genre spaces we're talking about."


As far as Kinberg goes, the producer makes his directorial debut this Winter when X-Men: Dark Phoenix hits the silver screen. Dark Phoenix — the ninth movie in Fox's X-Men universe — is slated for release on February 14, 2019.