Disneyland's Spider-Man Ride Will Let Guests Shoot Webs Alongside the Hero

Have you ever dreamed what it would be like as Spider-Man? Sure, the thought of fighting Green Goblin on the daily isn't too great, but it wouldn't hurt to be a superhero. From the cool costume to the double-life, there are some bonuses to being Spider-Man, but there is one perk which rules above all others. Obviously, you get to sling webs and swing around on them all day, and an upcoming ride at Disneyland will let you experience the thrill in real life.

Well, almost in real life. If we are going to be technical, it is more like virtual reality life, but Disney and Marvel are doing all they can to make the high-tech ride a realistic as possible.

Recently, Scot Drake gave fans insight into what will be coming to Disneyland's announced Marvel area, and the creative executive was excited about what its Spider-Man attraction would be capable of. As shared by /Film, the Walt Disney Imagineer said the ride will follow Spider-Man after he lets bots loose around Avengers campus, and he needs your help to scoop them all up.

“When the mischief that Peter Parker gets in, where Spider-bots are released all over the [Avengers] campus, he needs all of our help. That’s where we step up, we get in these vehicles, and we go on this crazy adventure through all different parts of the campus cleaning up and slinging webs right next to Spider-Man," Drake shared.


According to a report by Marvel.com, fans will be able to "shoot their own webs out of their wrists via immersive technology." At this point, there is now word on what that tech will be whether it is a wrist band or done using headgear. In the past, fans thought the ride might act similar to the Toy Story ride where fans have laser blasters attached to each ride vehicle, but it seems like Spider-Man will be more high-tech than that. Now, fans are left to wonder how this ride will work out exactly, but they won't have to wait too-too long. Disney's Spider-Man ride is expected to open in California next year before heading to Paris in 2021.

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