Did Jake Gyllenhaal Tease 'Spider-Man: Far From Home's Comic Book Roots?

The end of the year is nearly upon fans, and comic book buffs are ready for 2019 to go live. After [...]

The end of the year is nearly upon fans, and comic book buffs are ready for 2019 to go live. After all, Marvel Studios will be bringing films like Captain Marvel to the big screen, and fans are thinking a few teasers about Spider-Man: Far From Home might have been shared.

For those unaware, today saw Jake Gyllenhaal web the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom as the actor trolled netizens on social media. The actor took to Instagram to post a video where he broke silence on his role in Spider-Man: Homecoming. It was there fans began picking apart Gyllenhaal's teaser, and fans were quick to note two things.

You know, since the actor was seen highlighting two very specific comics.

As you can see here, Gyllenhaal is seen with two comic issues in his video. The clip might see the actor balking over the fact he isn't stealing the role of Spider-Man from actor Tom Holland, but its inclusion of two recognizable comics has got fans curious.

The first issue fans see is The Amazing Spider-Man #311. The issue dates back to January 1989 and is titled "Mysteries of the Dead". The issue follows Spider-Man after he runs into the stone lions outside of the New York Public Library as they come to life. The incident ends with an innocent bystander dying, leaving Peter Parker distraught. As the issues moves forward, fans learn Mysterio set up Peter's fight and made sure he would see the bystander die.. The issue ends with Peter Parker taking down Mysterio, but New York City continues to come under attack.

As for the second issue, it is none other than The Amazing Spider-Man #66. The title was published in November 1968 and is known as "The Madness of Mysterio". The issue is rather compact, but it follows the Mysterio after he breaks out of prison. Determined to get revenge upon Spider-Man for getting him locked up in the first place, Mysterio appears on TV to publicly challenge Spider-Man, and the pair have a climatic battle that ends in a shrunken amusement park.

So far, very few details about Spider-Man: Far From Home have gone live, but fans hope they will learn more soon. A rumor has taken over the Marvel fandom which says the film's first trailer will go live sometime this week. Gyllenhaal's well-time tease has only further pushed that speculation, and netizens are reaching out to these teased comics to see if they can predict what's awaiting for them in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

So, what do you expect this sequel to touch upon? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

Avengers: Infinity War is now available on home media. Upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movies include Captain Marvel on March 8, 2019; Avengers 4 on May 3, 2019; Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5th, 2019.