Spider-Man: Far From Home Star Describes Peter Parker and Mysterio's Relationship

While Mysterio is a villain on the pages of Marvel Comics, his early days came with a heroic narrative. Spider-Man: Far From Home is aiming to introduce the character portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal in a similar fashion which will introduce an exciting new relationship for Peter Parker on the heels of losing his mentor Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame.

Over the summer of 2018, ComicBook.com flew out to the United Kingdom to visit the set of Spider-Man: Far From Home, where Peter Parker actor Tom Holland opened up about the relationship between his character and Gyllenhaal's.

"He's awesome, man," Holland said. "Jake and I got on really well, and it's interesting because when you hear the word Mysterio as a Spider-Man fan, you immediately think villain and that's not the case in our film. He's a new addition to this world of heroes, he's my team-mate throughout the movie. It's funny because Jake is such a great guy and we get on really well. It's been fun fighting these crazy monsters with him."

Those monsters, which are being dubbed as Elementals, seem to be creations of Mysterio's. Of course, what is real and what is fake is always in question with this character, as fans of the comics know. Real or not, creating the monsters on set is difficult in itself while acting, so Holland is enjoying having a partner for such sequences.

"Imagining stuff is quite difficult when you're doing it on your own, but when you're doing it with someone else, it's a lot easier," Holland said. "Also, every year I have a phone call with my agent, where I talk about the five actors I want to work with and the five directors I want to work with, and he's always on the list. The fact I get to work with him in this, is pretty special."

As far as the relationship is concerned, Peter and Mysterio might be getting close to one another early on. "It's very much big brother, little brother," Holland explained. In the absence of Tony Stark, Peter will probably be looking for a friendly mentor. "Nick Fury's the head teacher who is constantly telling me off because I don't want to really be there, I want to go on holiday," Holland explained. "And Mysterio is always the one sticking up for me and patting me on the back and telling me I did a good job. Which is funny. There's really funny moments in the film, where I feel like I haven't done a good job, and Mysterio's like, 'Good job, kid!'"


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Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 2.